About our Services

To ensure the safety, performance, reliability and long life of your elevator regular maintenance is must. It also reduces the down time by periodical check up. We have organized the company with highly qualified, experienced technical staff in the elevator industry. What brand of elevator you currently own, our qualified maintenance team can give you better services in lower service charges..

  • We provides 365 days breakdown services.
  • Monthly rotune services is done by qualified & experienced technical maintenance staff.
  • Apart all we are providing these services for reasonable charges.
  • Apart all we are providing these services for reasonable charges.
  • We ensure fast and prompt services by providing our technicians vehicles and mobile phones.
  • We are using genuine spare parts in our maintenance program..
  • By maintaining computerized breakdown records, in case any elevator has frequent breakdown calls we can provide immediate action against that by sending experts or by replacing the malfunctioned spare parts..

Did You know we are able to repair most manufactures equipment.

We strive to keep elevator downtime to a minimum , With extensively trained and educated elevator mechanics you can be assured of professionally serviced equipment. We continually meet or exceed our customers' expectations

  • Service call attend with in minutes.
  • Minimum down time.
  • Genuine spare parts.
  • Complete diagnosing.

If you need any type of repair contact immediately to us.


We have three types of Maintenance packages

Comprehensive service

Extended parts/ labour Warranty, Preventive maintenance, Unlimited Call Back services.

Semi- Comprehensive

Limited parts/Labour warranty, Preventive Maintenance, Un limited Call Back services.

Labour Services

- Preventive maintenance, Limited Call back Services.