Machine Roomless Lift

Our Machine room less(MRL) lifts save construction space to a large extent. In this type of elevators the entire lift systems are located with in the lift shaft. We are using Permanent Magnet Synchronous motored gearless machine with this elevators. These machines have unapproachable superiority to the traction motor and save roughly 35% of energy consumption featuring excellent reliability and durability; they have a compact design, light weight & operate quietly and there is no need for lubrication. Our MRL elevators have become more and more popular because they run at low snoise, are energy saving, easily maintainable and make your building look more elegance.

  • Improves aesthetic view of the building.
  • Additional renatble and production space for builders.
  • Constuction cost saving-Civil and Electrical.
  • Greater design flexibility for architects.
  • Energy comfortable rides up to 60%
  • improves Levelling
  • introduce New design for century.
  • Emergency up to terrace floor
  • Increased life time,.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Automatic doors
  • Reduced Power losses and no oil requirment